Barbara Ireland

Barbara Ireland is a singer/songwriter specializing in genre-bending pop music: A playful1960s girl group sound mixed with flirtatious jazz (i.e. Peggy Lee), and topped off with an edge reminiscent of Amy Winehouse and the weirdness of ‘Twin Peaks’ soundtracks.

Ireland has been composing since the age of nine and performing live shows since the age of 16 in everything from raucous glam and punk rock bands, to elegant classic jazz, and singing in Stone Gossard’s side band, ‘The Hank Khoir’ – all of which give her a unique ability to combine musical genres in unusual ways to create fun and stimulating music.

Ireland’s first cd, ‘Turning Back Time – Classic Songs To Kiss By,’ is a mix of ‘pheromone jazz’ classics, released in late 2010.

Her second album of original tunes, titled, ‘RED,’ was released in 2012.

After a near-death experience, Barbara turned her focus to teaching people how to interrupt and replace repetitive negative thoughts, which she calls, “Mind Loops.” Learn more about Mind Loops at http://www.HowToStopNegativeThoughts.com or at http://Facebook.com/MindLoopsMentor.

Look forward to Barbara’s third album, “Sexistentialism,” in 2015 – a collection of crazy dance musical collaborations.