Barbara Ireland

Barbara Ireland is a Seattle-based singer and composer of ‘pheromone’ jazz and pop tunes that combine a 1960s girl group sound with jazz and blues.

Ireland has been composing since the age of seven and performing live since she was 16 in everything from raucous glam- and punk-rock bands, to elegant classic jazz, to singing in Stone Gossard’s side band, ‘The Hank Khoir’ – all of which give her a unique ability to combine musical genres in fun and stimulating ways.

Ireland’s first cd of pheromone jazz, ‘Turning Back Time – Classic Songs To Kiss By’ was released in 2010.

Her second album of original tunes, titled, ‘RED’ was released in 2012.

After a near-death experience, Barbara turned her focus to training people how to interrupt and replace repetitive negative thoughts – “Mind Loops.” Learn more about Mind Loops at http://www.HowToStopNegativeThoughts.com or at http://Facebook.com/MindLoopsMentor.

Barbara is working on a third album titled “Sexistentialism”.